Working Together Plan

Working together plans are a useful way of ensuring that the needs of the child, young person or adult are understood.  It allows you pre-empt anxiety triggers and indicators so that timely intervention and support can occur. This must be completed with the child and caregivers when they are calm and ‘green

Ben, 14, punches his chest with his right hand, he does this every day but it appears to happen more in certain lessons (mathematics and science). He will do this during independent work and it can last for up to 10 minutes, his teachers don’t know what to do, so ignore the behaviour as they know he stops eventually.   Last week Ben hit another child, they were in the corridor moving between lessons and it seemed to come out of nowhere. The child he hit was hurt as he fell against the wall, they want Ben to be permanently excluded from the school.  Ben lives with his birth mother, step father, and younger sister, they have shared that he has started to be violent towards his sister by hitting her, she also has some bruising to her arms. To date, Ben hasn’t been referred to any services outside of school and his step mother cannot understand the change in his behaviour.

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