What is an EHC Plan?

A school or caregivers can apply for and Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment when the child has not made expected progress against their expected outcomes.  Other agencies involved with the child can also request and EHC needs assessment including; nursery staff, health and social care professionals and Youth Offending Teams (YOT).

The EHCP is a legal document and was introduced with the principle of a person-centred approach to supporting children aged 0-25 years who need more support than can be provided through SEN support.  The EHCP is a single document that describes the child’s strengths and needs in a multi-disciplinary and holistic way. The voice of the child and the caregiver is fundamental in the application for an EHCP, they must be co-creators in the process. They will need to be supported and scaffolded so their views are well represented in a format they find accessible and that suits their range of needs.

The National Children’s Bureau have a resource to support practitioners in writing good quality EHC Plans that meet the letter and the spirit of the children and Families Act 2014

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