Person Centred Approaches

The Code (DfE, 2015) is explicit that caregivers must have an annual report on their child’s progress as a minimum standard. For those on SEN Support schools should meet at least 3 times a year to:

  • Set clear outcomes
  • Review progress towards the outcomes
  • Discuss the activities and support that will help achieve them
  • Identify responsibilities of the caregiver, the pupil and the school

When these meetings are led by trained staff (with good knowledge and understanding of the pupil and SEND) it should engage the caregivers as approaches to learning and teaching strategies are explained. It is also an opportunity to discuss the impact of SEN Support outside of school. NQTs should be supported through their first meetings with caregivers as it requires considerable skill, this should be part of induction processes and professional development.

During the meeting it is essential that the views of the caregivers and pupil are actively sought and valued. Some ideas of how to capture pupil voice are shown below.

CPD task: Ask colleagues to consider:

  • Why is pupil voice important?
  • How do we gather pupil voice?
  • What are the barriers to gathering pupil voice? How can we overcome these? Thanks to Simon Ripley

Thanks to Jo Hawthorne
Thanks to Jo Hawthorne
Many thanks Emily