Welcome to Assistive Technology!

Welcome to Assistive Technology!

Ryan Kennedy

Welcome to the SENCO Blog. I am Ryan Kennedy (Assistive Solutions and Digital Inclusion Specialist) alongside my colleague Andy Hall (Head of Digital Inclusion) from SCOPE.


We are having this topic on the blog for the members to ask us questions that they have, relating to Assistive Technology, AAC (Alternative Augmentative Communication), Technology, Educational Software, NHS Funding, Specialist Providers, Access to Work, Reasonable Adjustments, etc…

No question is to big or too small, we are here to listen, answer, or gather information to provide you with the best response. We will be using some of these questions at the Annual SENCO Conference at the University of Sunderland on June 24th, but we will also be keeping this post open continuously. If you have any questions that you would like to discuss further then please use the “Contact Us” page and we will be able to pass this onto the Assistive Solutions Team within Scope.


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  • Sarah

    Thanks Ryan, have you had chance to read the Secret SENCO blog this week... supporting children and young people with VI, really interesting...