SENCOs you are amazing (Rant warning)

SENCOs you are amazing (Rant warning)


I am writing this because I need to and really want to. I have been a programme leader for the National Award for SENCO for 5 years, with my colleague we have supported around 200+ of you, you are a certain type of being empathetic and hardworking. I just wanted to write this because I have noticed that more of you are becoming stressed, under pressure and fighting the same fights year on year, it doesn’t change.

The challenges you face on a daily basis are not to do with the children and young people and their families but the organisations you work for who are reacting to the downward pressures particularly from some multi academy trusts executives and/or Ofsted. I get phone calls/texts most days over the holidays as you are unhappy, you are struggling and it is not your fault. We have some excellent schools, leaders and colleagues, you are the happy ones, don’t leave your school. For those of you less fortunate I thought it would be useful to start a discussion about what is going wrong, please share your thoughts…

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  • Ian Singleton

    In a nutshell...

    Funding pressure on schools.
    Progress measures that don't work for SEND pupils.
    Trying to support EHC pupils when there are staffing pressures(related to funding)
    Issues around the over reliance on TA Support rather than thinking outside the box in terms of supporting our SEND pupils.
    FAR too much paperwork.

    Lots of things....having said the above, I love my job. Kids, parents and staff working together make an amazing difference.