Person Centred Approaches

Person Centred Approaches


From the session on the 9th November, 2019

SENCO does not need to capture the voice it should be an across school approach for all staff to engage in.

How do you manage many children needing SEN review? The role of the classroom teacher needs to be highlighted, everyone needs to invest in capturing child and caregiver voice. Schools are at very different stages, some have this embedded and some are at the start of the journey. It is important to support children to recognise that they are tense and need support. Thrive is one approach that might be useful. Conflict resolution, acknowledging feelings (both adults and children) to give them space to think about. Adults need also to be regulated before they can support children.

We still have a situation where there are IEPs in school and the child has in no way be involved.

Discussion about GDPR and SEN support plans, schools told by local areas not to use google drive due to security. Google suite is a possible alternative.

What questions to ask children and young people

What are you proud of?
How can we support your aspirations?
What, if anything are you worried about
What is going well, not so well?
What do you enjoy in and outside of school?
What are your strengths?
Who is important to you?
What are your dreams/nightmares?
What do we need to do now?
What has changed since last year?
What would your perfect school like like?

Nursery of feelings, if a child is not feeling themselves. Take an interest in how they feel. Work alongside them so they don’t feel intimidated, this gets more conversation.

Caregivers in partnership

This needs to happen all year, not just in target setting and review. Focus on the positives, so it is not always a negative conversation.

Free flow, captures a photo a child can send out home, talk about this with your child.

Tapestry also a useful tool recommended by the SENCO book



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