Pupil voice template to be created with Parents and School for EHCP meeting

Caregiver invitation to EHCP meeting


The following are approaches used by SENCOs to build and secure relationships with caregivers who, often with reason are challenging

Apologise and acknowledge feelings

Try to pre-empt and prevent issues

Make a special effort (show an interest)

Check-in with child

Keep in regular contact

Explain the role of SENCO

Keep records of all discussions

Colleague support

Sit down with an open body posture

Try not to use professional jargon

Understand parental limitations i.e. parental reading ability

Ask ‘How can we help?’

Return calls/emails/requests promptly

Be honest

Structured conversations – use the format from SEND team

Record interactions onCPOMS

Invite them in for observations

Review dates confirmed and maintained

Firm and clear expectations

Timetabled check in with caregivers

Home visits on request

Transfer SEND strategies to carers

Understand that the caregiver has their own experiences of school

Parent workshops

Good and open communication with clear boundaries

Share good news and positives with parents

Share positives with other staff