Accessibility Plans

(Martin-Denham, S. and Watts, S. (2019) SENCO Handbook: Leading Provision and Practice.

The accessibility plan can be a stand-alone document, part of your equality and diversity policy or school development plan.  The plan would usually span a three year period with interim and annual review. It is not defined within the SENCO role that this would be your duty, though you may be asked to support the development, it would usually be the role of the Senior Leadership Team and Governors.

There are three key areas to be addressed in the plan, these are to:

  1. Increase the extent to which children with disabilities can participate in the curriculum
  2. Improve the physical environment of schools to enable children with disabilities to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided, and
  3. Improve the availability of accessible information to children with disabilities.

Note: The plan should be produced in collaboration with children with disabilities and caregivers.  The length of time allocated for the long, medium and short term targets will be decided by individual contexts.

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